Showing Up Right 🙋by Kevon Cheung
Showing Up Right 🙋by Kevon Cheung

Showing Up Right 🙋by Kevon Cheung

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Hello there 👋 This is Kevon and I'm creating a book/course called Showing Up Right.
Sure ... but why?
If you like a quick video:
If you prefer to read:
This was a real tweet I saw (and edited). It represents a follower-craving mindset across many entrepreneurs and creators getting onto the Internet.
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We all want a bigger audience to do business with, and there is nothing wrong about it.
But when your actions and goals are driven by this number, you focus on the wrong things like writing viral tweets or implementing growth hacks in your tweets.
A better way to grow your audience sustainably is to know yourself and get out there, interact and build trusting relationships, and become the go-to person for a topic.
Then ... followers will come. They're loyal. They're your true fans. You're influential.
A lot of entrepreneurs have their priorities reversed by wanting followers first. Even if they get to followers in the thousands, they often find themselves still lacking influence.
And this book/course is my actual steps going from an absolutely nobody on the Internet to someone I finally feel like I have my own voice.
I'm also creating this book/course in public. This means you can be a beta reader and get involved to shape this book with me! Excited 💪
Cheers, Kevon 🥦

🖊 Where I'm at: Table of Contents

Currently, I'm developing the table of contents for the book. I want to set the direction and learning outcome before diving into expanding the concepts and adding examples.
You can get involved by commenting directly on the document.
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☘ Be a beta reader

At certain major milestones, I'll reach out to my beta readers to get them to review my book/course and share comments and feedback. You'll play a big part in the entire creation!
Your profile will also show up in the book/course for sure - as a thank you note from me.

🗯 I have questions!

  • You said book/course?
    • That's right. I'm convinced that the best way to share knowledge on a topic is no longer just plain text. There is significant value in bringing in video content, worksheets, or even a community to enhance the learning. While I'm not sure what format the end product will be, I'm fairly sure it is a mix of what I mention here.
  • Why are you writing about this?
    • I'm tired of seeing people blindly chasing followers. I want entrepreneurs to achieve success by doing the right things over time.
    • This is what I really care about. I've been navigating this topic and sharing what I know.
    • I wrote the Building in Public Guide and created Making Twitter Friends course. I also run a community called Public Lab dedicated to helping solopreneurs and creators build their voices and get true fans.
  • How do I say hi to you?
    • Thank you for getting this far! I can be reached on @MeetKevon or 😄

⭐ What to do now?

  • Let me know you're keen to be a beta reader by leaving your email up there.