Showing Up Right

How to Turn Online Strangers into Friends and Superfans

A step-by-step handbook to help you build trust, relationships, and influence on the Internet.

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If you care most about the follower count, you're in trouble by chasing after short-term success.

What you want to achieve is to build up trust and influence that can compound over time. This is the only sustainable way to grow an online business.

To show up right online, you must


πŸ€ 1. Create a personal brand guideline to guide your appearance, behavior, and action

⭐ 3. Design a unique Twitter strategy that suits you

🀝 2. Develop a routine to find and connect with potential friends and superfans

πŸš€ 4. Build an anchor mini-product to foster converations & build influence on a topic

This is What You'll Achieve

This was you before 🀯

  • Didn't have a strategy to build an audience, winged it and hoped it worked

  • Weren't sure where your people were. Connected with people that didn't fit

  • Spent too much time on Twitter. When you took a break, everything plummeted

  • Had a hard time tweeting & creating content. Felt that you couldn't do it

  • Couldn't increase tweet engagement & traffic to your products

This is you now πŸ˜™

  • Confident who you are and how to take action aligned with yourself

  • Know exactly who and where your people are. Connect with the right people

  • Spend way less time on Twitter. Only do the right things that move the needle

  • Have a system to maintain social media presence. More time for other things

  • People still come to you even if you take a short break from social media

What I'm Creating

Showing Up Right Testimonials

πŸŽ‰ What is Included

  • 40+ chapters

  • 10+ worksheets

  • TBD hours of video tutorials

  • 5+ hours of behind the scenes on how Showing Up Right is created in public

  • 3+ hours of video content from topic experts

  • A supportive online community on Slack

Table of Contents

Currently, I'm developing the table of contents for the book. I want to set the direction and learning outcome before diving into expanding the concepts and adding examples.

Showing Up Right Table of Contents

Why I'm Creating Showing Up Right

Kevon here!

I was running a venture-backed startup before and poured my heart into building it. When COVID happened, things became difficult and I decided it was time to stop.

I took a break and started to dream about doing things online. But ... there is one problem:

I was a nobody on the Internet πŸ’’ No one knew me!

I became active on Twitter and started to hustle. I create content, I run courses, I start a community. Over time, I figured out a way to keep going without going insane.

I also became known for topics like "Building in Public" and "Making Twitter Friends". The best part? I'm talking about topics I love while I help others move forward in their journey.

But all these are extremely difficult. This is why I am creating a step-by-step handbook to help other entrepreneurs get through the tough early days of getting online.

Kevon Cheung

This Is For You If ...

Not for πŸ™…

  • You already have a way to attract people online and people trust you

  • You're interested in making quick money

  • Believe in "build it and they'll come" - overly focused on building your product

  • You want to set it up so that results magically happen without you putting in the hours

  • You are easily swayed by best practices out there. Chasing after what people say works for them

  • Just want to sell to people without investing in relationships

For πŸ™†

  • You might or might not already have an online business running, but you don't have an online presence

  • You've tried to grow your credibility and following but can't get it to progress

  • You're looking to build long-term influence through your work, not quick hacks

  • Willing to put in the time & work

  • Have an open mind to learn and also the ability to make your own judgment

  • Willing to spend time interacting with real people online

Be a Beta Reader πŸš€

Get major updates and get involved in the book writing process!

See the Build in Public Progress

FAQ πŸ’­

You said handbook/course?

That's right. I'm convinced that the best way to share knowledge on a topic is no longer just plain text.

There is significant value in bringing in video content, worksheets, or even a community to enhance the learning.

While I'm not sure what format the end product will be, I'm fairly sure it is a mix of what I mention here.

How much will this be?

I haven't finalized the pricing yet. What I know is:

It will be tiered pricing (e.g. +$5 for every 20 sales).

If you subscribe for updates, you'll get notified first which means getting it at the lower price points.

I'm going to use parity pricing to make it more assessible for people based on their location.

How long will I have access to the content?

Forever. You'll also get updates if I upgrade it.

What if I have more questions?

Thank you for getting this far! I can be reached on @MeetKevon or

What the Community Says About Kevon

Showing Up Right

Created by @MeetKevon

Copyright Β© 2022 Transparent Lab Limited. All Rights Reserved.

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Learn to Write Build-in-Public Tweets in 12 minutes

I’ve broken down 7 tweets from one of the most authentic entrepreneurs I’ve ever seen on Twitter to show you how to do it. Each tweet has storytelling tips, Build in Public tips, and an action item for you.

Build in Public Mastery Former Cohorts

Our 6-Module Curriculum πŸ”₯

1. Overcome Your Fear of Expressing Yourself Online

An audience is built on your brand and voice, and your voice is built on your ability to put yourself out there. No successful online entrepreneurs can get away with hiding behind their screens. This is why we start off with removing your fear to share your own thoughts and stories.

2. Capture & Highlight Key Events in Your Journey

Expensive audience-building courses show you all the social media growth hacks to get you more followers. But the truth is ... these hacks are not sustainable. You want people to follow you based on who you are, and the only way to do so is to show your work. Guess what - your work is interesting if you know how to frame it.

3. Tie Your Stories to Your Business Goals

You don't want to tweet into the void and then pray that someone will reply. You also don't want to write tweets that cannot drive your business goals. What you want is to write stories to get people to follow your journey while checking out your work. All you need is a framework that connects the dots.

4. Build a System to Avoid Going Crazy

With books and self-paced courses, you can only see examples and learn theories. In this course, you'll be breaking things into actionable small steps and building a system so it won't eat up all your time. If you want to play the long game, it is important that you develop an approach so you won't be burned out.

5. Involve & Engage Your Audience Publicly

Many entrepreneurs imagine solutions and find out no one wants what they've built. You can avoid this by directly involving your audience often. You just need to know how to ask the right questions to prompt their responses. Best part? You'll find that they are invested in your success because they play a key part in it.

6. Deepen Your Relationships with Audience

So far, a lot has been about you - your fear, your stories, and your approach. To make them your super fans, it is more a 2-way interaction and that goes beyond your own action. No worries - when you grasp the essence of how online relationships work, you are on the way to your 1,000 super fans.

What Students Are Saying πŸ’¬

Eddie Bockelman

Eddie Bockelman

Entrepreneur, Creator, 12k Twitter Followers

"A year ago, I wanted to build an audience on Twitter but I didn't know where to start. I'm so glad I found Kevon. He's incredibly insightful and able to break down what works so that it's easy to understand. I'm now able to understand and use authenticity and relatability to involve my audience."

Maitry Vaghela

Maitry Vaghela

Fitness Startup Founder

"I’d like to thank Kevon for putting this incredible course together. It’s transformed the way I think of my personal brand and audience building. It makes sense to me as when I look at my real-life interactions, I naturally gravitate to people who I perceive as β€˜authentic’, and online is no different."

Miguel Espinoza

Miguel Espinoza

Developer, Indie Hacker

"As an indie hacker, I knew the importance about building an audience & sharing your voice, yet it felt like I was climbing a mountain. With Kevon’s advice and tactics, it made me feel comfortable about just being me, confident in what I had to say, and just being more open and authentic."

Meera Datey

Meera Datey

Web Developer, Founder

"I always wanted to find my voice. I had many scattered thoughts and lacked focus. Kevon’s framework helped me discover myself. In a few weeks, I made more progress than I would have in a year's time. Another benefit of the course is the supportive cohort members, each bringing in a valuable perspective."

Mike Cardona

Mike Cardona

Digital Marketing Entrepreneur, Newsletter Creator

"Kevon’s expertise, wisdom, and insight are incredible. I learned, and it reminded me of things I can and should do to grow and engage my audience during the course. From day one, the odds will be in your favor. It was very actionable, but also very insightful at the same time - I loved it."


When you share your journey while you're building it, you can involve your audience to get valuable insights and feedback.

You will not build the wrong thing ever again.

To me, this is the entrepreneurship 2.0.

What You Can Expect 😎

You get a community learning experience

  • 6 modules in 3 weeks

  • 6 live Zoom workshops, 2 per week

  • A course workbook ✍ designed to help you work through the course

  • Personalized feedback from Kevon

  • 2 office hours in weeks 2 & 3

  • Buddy system 🀝

  • Orientation & graduation party πŸŽ‰

You can also learn at your own pace

  • 15+ videos πŸŽ₯ on key concepts

  • 15+ articles & case studies

  • Slack community πŸ’­

  • Lifetime access to materials & recordings ⭐

We keep each other accountable

You and I won't give in to these πŸ€œπŸ€›:

  • Long, boring lectures

  • Impatient students who "want 500+ followers in 3 weeks"

  • Disrespectful classmates

Build in Public Mastery Former Cohorts